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Vehicle Leasing and Contract Hire Your Business and Personal FAQs Answered

What annual mileage am I allowed in my newly leased car?

On all car lease arrangements, you agree your annual mileage in the leasing options, when you take out the contract. In typical lease agreements, the mileage bands range through options starting from 10,000 up to 40,000 miles per annum. Users who go over the pre-arranged mileage become liable to an extra mileage charge. The exact costs are always detailed within your contract hire quotation and official finance document.

How careful should I be about agreeing the mileage I think I am going to do each year?

To a degree this is a simple personal choice, but we do recommend thinking about it carefully, based on what you know of your current driving habits and what you think will change with a new, more reliable vehicle. Typically you might anticipate covering around 12,000 miles each year. In our experience - and that of our clients it is probably better to sign up for a figure close to what you think is realistic rather than going up a band to 15,000 miles just to "be safe!" Unfortunately there is no rebate at the end of the contract if you've driven less than your mileage limit.

Why do leasing costs increase if I expect to do a higher mileage?

The price calculations the of our contract hire deals is mainly based on the vehicle's expected resale value at the end of the contract period. The miles driven by your car are the main factor affecting its resale value at contract's end. More miles inevitably means depreciation will be higher. To compensate the leasing company for the lower residual value the higher payments make up for the difference. Rules on eligibility are explained in more detail on the government's VAT Reclaim guide.

Is VAT reclaimable on my contract payments?

If you are a VAT-registered business you can reclaim at least half of the VAT that was payable on each car lease rental. The 50% figure assumes that the vehicle is to be used for social as well as business use. If. however, the vehicle is a van (or a car) that's used exclusively for business you may be able to reclaim 100% of each month's VAT rental. It's important to check with your accountant to ensure that you are eligible . If you decide that you want to take a maintained contract, then all business lease users, who are VAT-registered, can reclaim 100% of the VAT on the maintenance element of each monthly rental. Recoverable VAT for registered businesses only applies to VAT-qualifying agreements such as Business Contract Hire and Finance Lease agreements. You can get more information on VAT reclaim rules from the Government's VAT Reclaim advice page.

I'm not in business, so can I lease a car for personal use?

Yes you can! Lakeland vehicle Solutions is proud to have a long standing list of personal customers who get their cars through our leasing services. Even better, is that you get just the same contract hire rates as our many business and corporate clients enjoy. We have a policy in place so that we are 'never knowing undersold' which means that even private individuals are always offered the lowest available prices available in the whole of the contract hire marketplace for private motor cars.

The prices of your contract hire agreements seem lower than other providers: is there a catch?

There is no catch! We operate as transparently as possible and our business clients and private customers return to us repeatedly to arrange their vehicle leases. We can only do this because we have built up trust with our loyal clients, over a number of years. From the outset we find the best, lowest rate, car leasing deals in the UK marketplace that are available at the time right up to the point of signing the contract. At LVS we take pride in our high levels of customer service and attention to detail. As already mentioned above; 'We are never knowingly undersold'.

Is there a difference in contract hire rates between business & personal users?

At Lakeland Vehicle Solutions there is no difference in the actual prices between Business & Personal Contract Hire agreements. The apparent difference that you may see is due to our Business Contract Hire rates being displayed exclusive of VAT, while our Personal Contract Hire rates have to be advertised inclusive of VAT.

I have a recent start up business, have you any vehicle leases that are suitable for me?

We are eager to help new-startups with the most cost effective vehicle for their business. Our advice to anybody on the point of starting up their own business, or anyone who has just begun trading, is to call us or request a callback to get the most accurate advice on your lease options. We work with an extensive panel of vehicle finance partners who specialise in finding the very best van lease deals for business owners who have lots of material and tools to carry. For other businesses where a slightly different professional image is important, our range of lease car deals from sources across the UK will enable your business to access the most prestigious vehicles that fit your finances.

I've decided to opt out of my company's car scheme, what's the best kind of contract hire to go for?

Lakeland Vehicle Solutions are a specialist leasing and vehicle finance broker, with years of experience finding vehicle leasing solutions for people who have opted out of the company scheme. When you know how much your annual vehicle allowance will be, spend some time narrowing down the makes and models that interest you. With a reasonably researched list of just a few vehicles, call the office to discuss the range of contract hire agreements that may be appropriate to your circumstances. We will always offer very knowledgeable and specialist advice on the makes and models we supply, as well as the best offers that are available across the UK.

I think leasing a vehicle might be a good solution for my needs, but I don't know much about how the contracts work. Can I ring you for advice?

We've got a separate page which explains the various types of contract hire and leasing arrangements that apply to business and personal users. If that doesn't fully answer your question, we are always glad to answer in person if you give us a call on 01524 784856

I always bought and owned my own cars in the past, what are the benefits of leasing?

Contract hire agreements for cars and vans (often referred to as leasing) help you to to pay for the vehicle's expected reduction in value over a fixed term, without the large upfront payment of outright purchase or the generally higher monthly payments usually found with other forms of finance. A second benefit is peace of mind at the end of the lease contract because you don't have to organise the sale of the vehicle at a painfully reduced price, or handle its disposal. Thirdly you are free from the hassles of part-exchange prices and values, when you try to trade in the old vehicle for a new one. 

To take a slightly different view: how much did you pay for your last car? How much is it worth today? Apart from rare collectable vehicles, it won't be worth what you paid for it originally! When you divide that depreciation by the number of months you have had the vehicle, you soon see that, in actual fact, you've probably been losing a lease's worth of value on the vehicle anyway and you've had to carry all the risk!

Why should I lease from Lakeland Vehicle Solutions?

The way that Lakeland Vehicle Solutions works, our collective buying power is tightly focused, which enables us to be extremely competitive on the prestige makes and models we offer. This focus ensures that we are able to present the lowest contract hire rates and car lease offers in the UK vehicle leasing marketplace. Most important of all, our in depth experience of our market sector gives us the knowledge to offer you our specialist and frank advice on the complex prestige car market. Please do call us at the office, at any time, to discuss your leasing options further.

You don't seem to offer the exact model of car that I want to lease, have you any solutions to my need?

Please call the LVS office or use our online enquiry forms to request for a quote on a specific car or van and the leasing options available for it.

Can I buy one of your cars outright rather than lease it?

Sorry but no, is the short answer. But more importantly, why would you want to? Because Lakeland Vehicle Solutions are specialists in prestige car leasing and contract hire, we are offering you the lowest and best rates in the marketplace. Our huge buying power, coupled with the fact that we are recognised by all of the manufacturers that we offer, enables you to benefit from the best corporate discounts on the vehicles we supply, whether you are buying just a single vehicle, or whether you are looking to replace your entire fleet.

Can I buy the car at the end of the lease agreement?

This depends on the exact type of lease agreement you sign up to. In some arrangements you are able to purchase your vehicle at the end of its contract, wheres others forbid it. LVS have a variety of lease agreements that work on a guaranteed price of purchase at the end of the car lease contract. Lakeland Vehicle Solutions can also manage the sale of your car or van if you would prefer.

How much deposit do I need to put down at the start of the contract?

This is variable and is negotiable. The exact size of the deposit, or initial upfront, payment can be tailored to your precise financial requirements. When we advertise our lease rates in the Special Offers section we always show the most common approach, i.e. an initial payment equivalent to 3 monthly rentals to commence the contract. Initial payments can start from as low as just one month's payment in advance or can increase to much more than the usual 3 month deposit. The advantage of the higher initial deposit is a reduction in the monthly contract payment.

Who actually funds the car lease?

Lakeland Vehicle Solutions source funds from a diverse panel of lenders who all specialise in leasing Prestige vehicles. We work hard to ensure all our clients always get the most competitive, market leading rates available in the UK.

Does the leasing payment include maintenance?

Lakeland Vehicle Solutions' advertised rates on the website and our special offers don't include maintenance packages, however we are able to provide competitive quotes for fully maintained packages.

What does the maintenance option in a contract cover?

Lakeland Vehicle Solutions' comprehensive maintenance package is a market leading product which delivers peace of mind over the course of your contract. This is also a very tax-efficient package for business users, as well as offering a thorough 'all in one package' for individual clients, leasing for personal use. The package includes:

  •  full servicing in line with manufacturer's recommendations 
  • replacement tyres (subject to fair wear) 
  • brakes, pads and all other serviceable items 

If I opt for maintenance in my hire contract, do I have a choice where I take my car for servicing?

Our clients are free to take leased vehicles to any UK dealerships approved by the manufacturer's. Naturally that could easily be your convenient local dealership.

Does the monthly lease payment include motor insurance?

At the moment car insurance is your responsibility.

Do you only supply brand new cars for contract hire?

Yes, we only supply brand new vehicles to for new contract hire agreements, However, we do operate a Contract Hire Takeover service which allows you to take on a contract for a recently pre- owned vehicle where the hire contract has been offered with less than the usual 3 years remaining.

Can you obtain imported vehicles for leasing?

No, all the vehicles supplied by Lakeland Vehicle Services are sourced direct from the manufacturer or the normal UK based network of dealer franchises. A new vehicle obtained through LVS comes with full UK manufacturer's warranty just like a car or van purchased normally. This allows you to use a local dealer for warranty or routine servicing work.

Can you supply used vehicles?

Generally we'd say no. However if you've discovered a motor yourself we can provide you with a quotation for finance. Please call us in the office to discuss your finance options in more detail. 

(Please note that a 'pre-owned' vehicle must be under 12 months old and supplied by a franchised UK based dealer to be eligible for this arrangement)

Are you able to take my old car as part-exchange?

Unfortunately no... for the same reasons that you are having to sell it yourself! If you decide to lease or contract hire through LVS, you'll never have to go through the time-consuming process of finding a buyer for your car when you've finished with it.

How long does it take to get my lease car delivered?

This is dependant on the type of car or van you have asked us to supply. For standard models and configurations 10 working days is typical. If you've given us a non standard specification, we have to coordinate with the factory to get a confirmed build time. We are happy to discuss the delivery time for your new vehicle if you would like to call us on 01524 784856 .

Where do your contract hire cars come from and what are the delivery arrangements?

LVS get all of our vehicles directly from the manufacturer or the franchised dealer network in the UK. Delivery will take place at an agreed time in the morning or afternoon; to your work or home address. We can also have the car or van delivered by trailer service if you prefer. We are always available to find the best lease delivery options for you.

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